Experienced Phone Hacker and Backup Recovery

BlackEye is a professional hacker for cyber Lords company. He is one of the best and most professional hackers in history, our services include:

● Hacking tools: – Infiltration tool – software program to hack or crack any telephone or wireless network. Access tool – software program to control all computer networks and devices using remote control.

● Hacked phone number: – Phone number which is on a different device than its owner has forgotten, lost or thought was broken.

● Honeypot phone numbers – Perfect for those who would like to catch someone with an extra phone number they love in the exchange of their privacy while they’re on vacation without actually knowing it’s there.

● Messed up phones:

● Spyware applications

BlackEye is a valid hacker who can create virus to delete files and backup

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He is a professional System Administrator with experience maintaining and configuring a variety of systems and networks.

He is an expert at what he can do, and he will definitely ensure that you are entirely delighted with the final product. He also writes his own programs and has a broad understanding of programming.

He is a DevOps engineer who has worked in both systems and automation administration.

By shifting workloads, apps, and solutions to the Amazon AWS Cloud, he assists enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs in reducing time to market, lowering costs, and scaling up in a cost-effective manner.

He is an expert in Python (including frameworks like Django and Flask), as well as JavaScript and other programming languages, including Java, Perl, and C#.

He has over 5 years of expertise in Information Security and Penetration Testing as an Ethical Hacker with a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security Engineering. He’s also gained considerable skills in reverse malware analysis and computer forensics throughout the years.

He’s also spent a significant amount of time participating in bug bounty programs and responsibly reporting zero-day security exploits on the internet.

He’s quick, dependable, and self-driven. He enjoys taking on new challenges as well.