Change Website Grades, Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker

Finders keepers is a service that enables students to hire hackers to change college grades. We provide reliable, easy-to-use software that operates discreetly without intruding in the school’s online system. Finder’s Keepers was founded by two friends taking different paths in life: one was going through the process of switching colleges and needed help with his grade change, while the other was working on an MBA degree and needed assistance changing his GPA. What they realized they had in common is that none of the online solutions were mature enough, nor scalable enough for their needs, so both joined forces to start a business that would offer this service to students all around the world – finders keepers.

Hire the best hacker to hack college grades He has led and executed hundreds of security audits, penetration tests, and red team engagements for a variety of enterprises, ranging from large corporations with thousands of hosts in scope to startups and small clients looking for a competitive security advantage.

His day-to-day work as an ethical hacker has given him extensive hands-on experience in the fields of penetration testing, cyber security, and vulnerability assessment, as well as a thorough understanding of the most widely used and modern technology stacks in use around the world as well as their security flaws


Penetration Testing Engagement This includes both manual and automated testing for all websites, applications, servers, and infrastructure included in the scope of work, using both expert enterprise grade software such as BurpSuite Professional and Nessus, as well as personal scripts and tools accumulated over previous engagements. Internal penetration tests and network equipment testing are also included in this service.

● Professional Report & Statistics Detailed report detailing the exploitation and discovery methods for each and every found vulnerability. Screenshots of the proof-of-concept, complete requests and responses, CVSS v3.0 standardized risk score, impact, and ownership are all given.

● Remediation Advice & Guidance