Md Ahsanul K.

Md Ahsanul K.

Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical hacker He’s a remarkable penetration tester who easily tests for vulnerabilities in time. He can keep your computer and website safe. He has the ability to restore your lost data. With kali Linux and Parrot Security, he can teach you about cyber security. He can scan your system for vulnerabilities and provide you with a report on the security of your website and operating system. He graduated from the University of Information Technology and Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. He is a Specialist with 8+ years of experience aiding customers with various hardware and software-related issues and has all the necessary expertise for IT assistance. Clients receive in-depth technical support. System analysis, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution are all skills that he excels at. He has excellent problem-solving and organizing skills.

A specialist in:

Application Penetration Testing with Remediation Suggestions

● Complete application security assessment with remedial recommendations

● Footprinting tools such as whois, ns-lookup, dig, what-web, sublist3r, p0f, Tracert, and others

● API Security

● Detection of malware, phishing, breaches, and data leaks

● Perform a firewall audit and configuration.

● Trainer in security and penetration testing

● Vulnerability detection and security testing for Android and iOS applications

He also offers websites and web apps individualized cyber security services. Malware and infection eradication, malware analysis and research, Google warning and blacklist removal, website hack removal, brute force attack protection, and high-security setups are among the services offered.

He does both authentication and authenticated testing in accordance with stringent OWASP rules and makes it a priority to find weak points throughout the web application to ensure the security of your apps and data.